Sikkim Roadtrip

Sikkim is blessed with shimmering glaciers, alpine meadows, Mount Kanchenjunga – the highest peak in India and stunning Himalayan mountainscapes. The best way to experience Sikkim is through a self driven road-trip and we did just that and here’s the first part of my Sikkim travelogue – Bagdogra to Gangtok!

Limetrails takes you on a roadtrip right from Bagdogra airport to Siliguri and further on to our destination for the day – Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim. This video is a must watch for everyone travelling 114 kms to Gangtok in a Self Drive Car. We show you the entire route, road conditions, travel time between villages, eating options and much much more!

So go on fasten your seat-belts and enjoy the drive!!

Siliguri to Gangtok: 114kms/ 3hr50min


In the following video we are driving from Gangtok to Namchi. Namchi is around 2&1/2 hours away and is famous for the Char Dham temple.

En-route we also take a stop at the famous Temi Tea Garden and spend a delightful hour going over the tea making process at their Tea Factory which we found to be very interesting and informative. Tourists heading to Temi Tea Garden and Namchi will find this video very helpful with details of the best route and loads of other important information.

In this final video we are travelling from Pelling to Siliguri By Road via Legship & Melli in monsoon. After much contemplation we decided to go exploring new terrains and took the alternate route back to Siliguri via Melli. Watch the video and check out the route and road conditions before you travel to Sikkim next! If you are travelling in Sikkim, you should avoid this route to Siliguri!! Watch the video and find out this dangerous route!!

Well, all I can tell you is…if you are travelling in Sikkim, it would be a good idea to avoid this treacherous route to Siliguri!! Watch the video and find out just how dangerous this route is!!

Bon Voyage

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