Renukaji Lake_600 WMRenukaji in Sirmour district of Himachal Pradesh is an important pilgrim destination. It is an extremely beautiful and serene place located 40 kms from Nahan. Renukaji attracts a large number of tourists as well as devotees every year. The two lakes, Renuka Lake and Parashurama Lake are considered sacred. Lord Parashuram is one of the 10 avatars of Lord Vishnu. Legend has it that Renukaji, Parashurama’s mother and Sage Jamadagini’s wife submerged into the water and this lake is considered her embodiment. During the Kartik Ekadashi festival, villagers from all nearby villages gather here at the fair ground for three days. Religious functions and festivities are conducted all day and through the night. The lake is brimming with Mahasheer fish and turtles. Boating is permitted on the lake. The Renukaji Lake lies a few metres away.

Places to Visit

Renuka Lake: Legend has it that the evil emperor Sahasarjuna killed Sage Jamadagini and tried to abduct his wife Renuka. She jumped into the Ramsarovar pond and disappeared into it. Since then this lake is worshipped as Renuka Lake. There are many temples along its banks. A motorable road is built around the circumference of the lake and makes for a beautiful drive. The lake is extremely calm, serene and beautiful bordered with palm and other trees. Boating is conducted on the lake right outside the HPTDC run hotel. Since it is a sacred lake, footwear has to be removed before boating. Popcorn and Rusk packets are provided for feeding the fishes.

Renukaji Temple_600 WMParashurama Lake and Renukaji Temple (100m): This is a smaller lake adjacent to the Renuka Lake. It is considered the abode of Lord Parashurama wished to always remain his mother’s feet. The Temple of Renukaji is located beside the lake. Mother and son are said to be reunited every year at the annual fair held in November with great pomp and festivities.

Jamu Peak (8 km): This peak overlooking the lake is where Sage Jamadagini meditated. Ne can walk up the path leading to the small temple at the peak. It offers excellent views of the lakes and forests around.

Mini Zoo (2 km): The zoo lies around the circumference of the lake and visitors can drive around and see the animals. There are spotted Deer, Sambhar, barking Deer, Antelopes, Asiatic lions and Himalayan Black Bears.

Jataun (5 km): A Hydro-Electricity Project and dam are built on the Giri River here. Angling can be done in the Giri River.

Route to Renukaji

Nahan: 46 kms, 1 Hour 30 minutes via Jamta – Dadahu – Renukaji.

Chandigarh: 125 kms, 4 Hours via Nada Sahib – Ramgarh – Raipur Rani – Naraingarh – Kala Amb – Nahan – Jamta – Dadahu – Renukaji.

Delhi: 315 kms, 7 Hours via NH1 – Kurukshetra – Shahzadpur – turn right – NH 31 – Saha – NH 73 – Naraingarh – Kala Amb – Nahan – Jamta – Dadahu – Renukaji.

Shimla: 162 kms, 5 hours via Kumarhatti – turn left – Sarahan – Sangrah road – Jamta – Dadahu – Renukaji.

Solan: 115 kms, 3 hours via Kumarhatti – turn left – Sarahan – Sangrah road – Jamta – Dadahu – Renukaji.

Dehradun: 101 kms, 3 hours via Kanwali road – NH 72 (Chakrata road) – Mehreka Gaon – Rampur – Herbertpur – Paonta Sahib – Turn right at Hotel Paonta Valley – 2 kms ahead turn right again – Dadahu – Renukaji

Nearest Airport: Chandigarh (125 kms), Dehradun (101 kms)

Nearest Railway Station: Ambala (114 kms, 3 hrs), Chandigarh (125 kms, 4 hours)

Hotels in Renukaji

  • Hotel Renuka: This HPTDC run property is the best stay option. It overlooks the Parashuram Lake and has a restaurant, lawns and a play area for kids.
  • Forest Department has room’s available right next to the Renukaji temple and lake.
  • Renukaji Development Board rest house.
  • State Electricity Board rest house (Dadahu).

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