The second love for some and first for many is undoubtedly FOOD!! For me, the passion for travel naturally instilled this infinite quest for good food. Travelers love to discover, taste and experience varied cuisines from every nook and corner of the world they travel to. Food preferences and habits are an eyeopener about the local culture, traditions and economy.While many are content with the tasting, some travel bugs like me like to bring the experience back to their kitchens. 

Limetrails is my attempt to bring some of these incredible recipes to you. Each of these sinfully delicious recipes have been passionately compiled from across the nation and reached out to regularly. Born with South Indian genes, I spent my early years in the East, a decade in the west and currently reside in the North. Hence LimeTrails reflects influences from across Indian palates. Most of these are authentic traditional recipes passed down generations, many from the locals picked up during my innumerable travel trips and the rest my own creative experiments.

You can find recipes for all occasions, requirements, moods and cravings! Many of these recipes are perfect for a quick fix meal or a one pot meal, others are great comfort foods for those days when you return home after a long road trip or day at work. Hoping to put out the fire in your bellies!

Give these scrumptious recipes a try and send in your comments.

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Vegatables and Curries













Rice Dishes






South Indian recipes

Rasam Recipe










Breakfast Recipes











Broccoli Recipes



Middle-East Recipes

Cocktails and Mocktails






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