Thoseghar Falls, Satara

During monsoons, if you are scouting for a great day trip or weekend destination, then head straight for Thoseghar Falls and you would be disappointed. This Breathtaking waterfall is located 20 km from Satara city. It is the perfect place to visit during monsoons. Water cascades from a height of around 500 meters. It’s a popular picnic spot and gets very crowded during weekends from July to September.

The area has been lately developed by the local administration. From the parking area on the road, a short walk downhill along a paved pathway leads to the viewing platform which offers magnificent views of the falls. There is a new area developed, from the parking area. The sight of thousands of gallons of water cascading hundreds of metres straight down with a thunderous roar gives one goose bumps. From the main viewing platform, paved paths lead to the upper end of the stream. To avoid unfortunate incidents, it is advised not to venture into the stream as the currents could be strong.

From Thoseghar, you can also visit the Windmill Farm at Chalkewadi village. It is a 5 km drive leading to a wide plateau dotted from where one can see hundreds of huge wind mills all around. Strong winds blow in this area and you can spend a few minutes here admiring the electricity generators.

If you visit during August-September, I would strongly recommend staying overnight and visiting the Kaas the next day. Kaas is in full bloom during this period and makes for a spectacular day trip.

Hotels: There are many hotels in Satara city to stay overnight.

Driving to Thoseghar from Pune and Mumbai:

Pune – Thoseghar Route (137 KM time, 3 Hrs.): Pune- NH4 to Satara – Satara city – Sajjangad road – Thoseghar

Mumbai – Thoseghar Route (280 Kms, 6 Hrs.)

Route – Mumbai – Express way to Pune bypass road – – NH4 to Satara – Satara city – Sajjangad road – Thoseghar.

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