Khardung La

Khardung La is the highest motorable pass in the world located at an altitude of 18380 feet. Khardung La can be visited asĀ  a day trip if travellers are short of time else it can be covered while enroute to Nubra valley.

Leh – South Pullu – Khardungla: 40 kms (1.5 hours)

During the peak season months, it is advisable to leave early for Khardung La to avoid traffic along the route and at the pass. The drive is quite good till The South Pallu check post. Once you drive further, the road conditions deteriorate and it starts getting steeper. On reaching the summit, take the customary photo with the Khardung La signboard. Spend some time at the Rinchen cafeteria with a hot cuppa or at the Khardung La souvenir shop.

Travel Tips

  • Petrol: Fill up Petrol/Diesel in your vehicle from Leh as there are no petrol stations enroute.
  • Weather: It is pleasant in the daytime on a sunny day but the temperatures can rapidly plummet after sundown.
  • Thermals: Do carry multiple layers of thermals and warm clothes to beat the low temperatures, specially if you plan to travel further to Nubra valley and take a night halt.
  • Locks: If you are staying in a tent, make sure you zip it down and lock it before venturing out to safeguard your belongings.
  • Bottled Water: Carry sufficient crates of bottled water from Leh as it might not be available in the remote areas.
  • Tent or room?: Opt for a room instead of a tent if the weather is bad or it could get unbearably cold.
  • Right expectations: Considering the challenges at such high altitudes and the remoteness of the place, one must not expect much more than the basic amenities. The beauty of the barren dessert makes up for it manifold.

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