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Manali1Manali is an extremely popular destination specially during the summer months. It is a beautiful town nestled in the valley, surrounded by the snow-capped Himalayas. With its beautiful locales and numerous sight-seeing options, Manali is an extremely popular as a family, student, camping and as a honeymoon destination. Ancient temples, Tibetan Gompas, vibrant marketplaces, numerous restaurants, Pine forests, hiking trails, snow covered peaks, high majestic passes, the gurgling Beas, magical castles, art galleries and a rich cultural heritage make it a travelers delight. A minimum of 4 days is required to explore the glorious region.

Tourists can shop for Apricot, peach, blueberry jams and crushes freshly grown in farms around or fresh honey. Enjoy fresh Himalayan fruit juices from the local bottling factories. The adventurous can go hiking or indulge in the many adventure activities conducted around the valley. The entire valley is blessed with stunning landscapes. You can just sit around with a hot cuppa, Sing or play your guitar around a blazing bonfire, or simply stare at the pristine pine covered slopes breathing in the fresh mountain air. It is a sure shot way to feel rejuvenated and eject the stress out of your system.

Travel by Road to Manali

Raison1 WM

Manali Highway

By Road: Delhi-Manali travel by road is 556 kilometers and takes around 13-14 hours depending on the road conditions, traffic and pit stops taken on the way. HPTDC Buses connect Manali to major cities like Delhi, Chandigarh and Shimla. HPTDC Delhi-Manali Buses depart from Delhi every hour between 6 pm – 9 pm. Buses depart from Manali between 3 pm – 7 pm.

By Flight: Daily flights from Delhi to Bhuntar (10 kms from Kullu and 60 kms from Manali). You can take a cab from the taxi-stand outside the airport or have your hotel arrange for a pickup.

Route and Road conditions from Delhi-Manali

Once you exit Delhi and get on NH1, the 6 lane expressway till Chandigarh gives you a smooth ride except for a few diversions near Kurukshetra and Shahbad. Take the Ambala-Kharar road (Chandigarh by-pass). In this section, its a single road but in good condition and you can easily maintain speeds of 60-80 kmph.

Delhi-Manali Road

Delhi-Manali Road

The Kharar intersection is a little crowded and you continue towards Ropar (Rupnagar) which again is a 2 way road. During summers, in this section, the road is lined up with heaps of oranges and you can get 1 kilo for as low as Rs.20/-.  The road is 4-way and excellent from Ropar to Kiratpur Sahib where you take the flyover and turn right towards Swarghat. The ghat section begins around 5 kms from Kiratpur (Rs. 30/- toll here) to Swarghat-Bilaspur-Sundernagar and the roads are in quite a bad condition right upto Mandi.

Once you move from Mandi, towards Pandoh (the dam and waters are very beautiful), the road condition get much better and is very scenic. Take the famous Aut tunnel (4 kms long) and move towards Bhuntar. This section is prone to landslides, so one must be alert and drive with extreme care. The Beas flows on your right throughout till Manali. Snow capped mountains come into sight and take the travelers breath away. From Bhuntar, it takes 30 minutes to reach Kullu. Take the Kullu by-pass and move on towards Manali. The road upto Manali is good. 6 kms after Kullu, Babeli to Raison is the popular rafting area. All rafting activities are conducted here. From Raison, the 30 km drive to Manali takes about 40 minutes. Drive Safe.

Limetrails shares an awesome video on Kullu To Manali Drive 2018. Watch the scenic and beautiful drive from Kullu to Manali along the river Beas. Find out our secret momo joint in Patlikuhal on our way to Manali. We also show you where the best public car park option near the mall road in Manali to safely park your car. Plus loads of information on Kullu to Manali.

कुल्लू मनाली जाने से पहले इस वीडियो को देखे – कुल्लू मनाली के रोड / कुल्लू मनाली के रास्ते / कुल्लू मनाली की अदभुत् हाईवे – कुल्लू मनाली के रोड देख रूह कांप जाएगी / कुल्लू मनाली हाईवे देखकर उड़ जाएंगे होश – हिमाचल का सबसे खतरनाक रोड / कुल्लू मनाली २०१८ / | हिमाचल प्रदेश के दर्शनीय स्थल ||

Places to Visit in Manali

Haimba Devi Temple WM

Hadimba Temple

Hadimba Devi Temple: This is a beautiful ancient temple is built in the pagoda style of architecture. The temple is dedicated to the demon goddess Hadimba Devi, who was Bhima’s wife and Gatotgacha’s mother. It is located in the Dhungri Van Vihar forest.

Gadhan Thekchoking Monastery: This Tibetan Gompa was built by Tibetan refugees in the 1960’s. The monastery walls are adorned with bright fresco’s. It houses Thangka paintings and scripts. It enshrines a statue of Lord Buddha. It is located at the lower end of the mall.

Van Vihar: A beautiful picnic spot in a Deodar forest with swings and slides for kids and adults alike. A small artificial pond on a lower level offers paddle boating facility.

Vashisht Temple and Hot Springs: Dedicated to Vashisht Muni and lord Rama, this temple is located around 3 kms from Manali in Vashisht village. The village has natural hot sulphur springs which have medicinal value. The village is characterized by typical Himachali timber houses.

Old Manali: Old Manali is situated along a steep motorable road. The road is dotted with colorful shops, restaurants and guesthouses. Most foreigners prefer to stay in this area in Manali. Parking space is not available in the old Manali area and vehicles have to be parked near the bridge or in the clubhouse on the right after crossing the bridge. Shop for woolens and western clothes.

Manu Temple: Located in old Manali, Manu Temple is dedicated to the sage Manu, who meditated in these forests.

Club House: Located near the bridge in Old Manali, one can spend half an hour walking around and down to the river where river crossing is conducted. There is a small amusement park, few shops and restaurant. Parking available within the premises. Entry fee of Rs 30/- per person.

Nehru Kund: Located 6 kms from Manali on the Keylong road, this is a cold water spring named after Shri Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first Prime Minister.

Kothi (12kms): This is the last village on the route to Rohtang. Located at an altitude of 1980m, Kothi offers spectacular views of the snow-capped peaks, melting glaciers and a steep gorge with the River Beas. PWD has a rest house here near which the Beas falls into a breathtaking 60 m chasm.

Rahala Falls (16kms): Beautiful waterfall located a little ahead of Kothi at an altitude of 2500m.

Gateway to Heaven in the Himalayas!

Gateway to Heaven in the Himalayas!

Gateway to heaven in the Himalayas!

Gateway to heaven in the Himalayas!

Rohtang Pass (52kms): A high mountain pass at 4112m on the Manali-Leh highway. The Pass is covered by snow through the year and is closed to traffic during the winter months from November to May. Tourists visiting the pass are treated to brilliant views of the Pir Panjal peaks and miles of snow capped mountains. Adventure sports activities are conducted here like snow scooters, skiing etc. Discover More.

Solang Valley (14kms): A popular picnic spot during summers and skiing point during winters, Solan is a beautiful valley. It is located an altitude of 2760m. A ski lift operated by the Mountaineering and Allied Sports Institute will take you up another 300m. The institute also offers skiing courses. Skiing activities are conducted between January to March.

Iceland Hotel: Phone +91 1902-25008/256463/ 9816066508.

Gulaba Camp (20kms): Beautiful picnic spot.

Naggar (16 kms): Located at an elevation of 1760m, Naggar is an extremely picturesque village offering spectacular view of the Kullu-Manali valley, snow capped Himalayas and the River Beas. Naggar was the Capital of Kullu District till the year 1460 before being shifted to Kullu.Places to Visit in Naggar:

  • Naggar Castle: This magnificent castle is a standing example of the glorious past of this valley. The castle premises offer spectacular views of the Kullu-Manali valley, snow-capped peaks and the River Beas. HPTDC runs the castle as a heritage hotel now and travelers can stay at the castle to get a feel of the royal heritage, enjoy great views and Himachali food.
  • Roerich Art Gallery: The residence of Nicholas Roerich and his sons has been converted into a museum displaying his work. The art gallery also has pictures of Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi’s visit to Naggar in the 1940s. An antique car is also displayed in the garage. Yesteryear actress Devika Rani who was married to Nicholas Roerich’s son also lived here for many years before moving to Bangalore. A must visit in Naggar.
  • Tribal Museum: A museum dedicated to the tribal arts of the local villages is located up a steep slopes with steps leading up to it. A visit to the museum is covered in the entry fee for the Roerich Art Gallery.
  • Tripura Sundari Temple: Ancient temple built in the traditional shikhara shape.
  • Krishna Temple: An interesting hike up from the Roerich Art Gallery.

Jagatsukh Temple (6kms): Shikhara style temple built in the 8th century dedicated to Goddess Gayatri and Lord Shiva. There is also an ancient Devi Sharvati temple.

Arjuna Gufa (5kms): As per the Epic, Mahabharata, the Pandava brother Arjuna is said to have meditated in this cave to get the powerful Pashupata Astra from Lord Indra. The cave is located near the Prini village on the left bank of the Beas.

Manali sanctuary: Registered since 1954 under the Punjab Wild Animals Protection Act of 1933, this sanctuary is spread across 3180 hectares of forest land.

Beas Kund (50kms): This is the source of the River Beas and considered sacred. Legend goes that during the epic Mahabharata, the great sage Ved Vyas meditated here. The kund is located near the Rohtang pass.

Trolley_600 WMKasol: A dreamy little town along the Parbati River surrounded by Pine, Fir and Oak forests. It is a perfect destination to relax in the lap of nature by the sparkling Parbati River. It is also a good base for exploring the Parvati Valley like Tosh, Pulga or Trek to the hot springs of Kheer Ganga (where Shiva is said to have meditated for 2000 yrs). The village is dotted with guest houses, bakeries, small restaurants and hotels. There is a small market selling colourful woollens, clothing and knick-knacks. Adventure activities like river crossing are conducted across the Parbati River. Spend a day walking across the bridge and hiking along the river and forest.

Manikaran (86kms): Famous for the Manikaran Gurudwara and hot springs. Discover More. Can be visited a day trip. It is located 4 kms ahead of Kasol.

Restaurants in Manali:

Bob Dylan’s Cafe: Try the pancakes and cookies.

Cafe 1947: Great food and ambience. It is located right on the river next to the bridge in old Manali.

Johnson’s Cafe: Try the trout and pastas.

Johnsons Bar and Restaurant: Great food and the best bar/ lounge in Manali.

Casa Bella Vista: For fantastic wood fired pizzas.

Drifters Inn: Great Italian and continental food on the upper end of Old Manali.

Chopsticks: Authentic Tibetan and Chinese cuisine on mall road.

Il Forno: Located on the left of the road enroute to Hadimba Temple. Try the great wood fired pizza’s in a typical Himachali cottage.

Mayur Restaurant: Located in a lane off Mall road. Taste great vegetarian/non-vegetarian Punjabi and Chinese cuisine.

Sher-e-Punjab: Punjabi vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine on Mall road.

Honey Hut: Cafe on the upper end of Mall road. Try the brownies with honey, Honey tea, sandwiches and pizza slices. All desserts and beverages are served with honey.

Shop No. 9 bakery: Located in the shoes lane, this bakery offers yummy cupcakes, chocolate macaroons, veg. puffs and other bakery items.

Chat Bhandar: A  small chat shop with 2 tables running since 1972 and a favourite haunt of yesteryear actors. Serves delicious chats, tikkas and rolls. It is located a little ahead of honey hut. A must visit in Manali.

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