Scenic Nako is the most populous and largest village at the highest elevation of 3662m asl in the Spiti Valley. It lies on the western side of the majestic Reo Purgyal Peak and trekking expeditions to the peak originate here. The village is built around the beautiful Nako Lake built by melting ice, which is its prime attraction. Willow and Poplar trees lining the lake form amazing reflections on the Lake. The water of the lake is frozen in winter but boating activities are conducted in summer once the ice melts. The rest of the landscape reflects a stark and barren region.

The local Gompa or monastery was built way back in the 11th century AD and has a deity of the Deodum enshrined. The significant Lagang temple has several idols and the footprints of Saint Padmasambhava embedded in a rock. The locals rear Yaks, asses and horses. Nako lies enroute to the Somang, Tashigang and other prominent monasteries of Lahaul.

Treks from Nako:

Trek to Leo village

Trek to Chango Village

Trek to Yanthang Village

Trek to Somang Monastery

Trek to Tashigang Monastery (where an image is said to grow hair)

Trek to Reo Pargyal Peak


Kalpa – Nako (109 kms, 3.5 hrs): Kalpa – Poari – Jangi – Spello – Puh – Khab Sangam – Leo Village Road – Nako.

Sangla – Nako (128 kms, 4.5 hours): Sangla – Karcham (Turn right) at bifurcation – Poari (11kms, 20 mins) – Jangi – Spello – Puh – Khab Sangam – Leo Village Road – Nako.

Shimla – Nako (313kms, 11 hours): Shimla – Fagu (18 kms, 50 mins) – Theog (10 kms, 15 mins) – Narkanda (33kms, 1 hour) – Rampur (62kms, 1.5hours) – Jeori (23kms, 30 mins) – Karcham (55kms, 1 hour 20 mins) – Turn left at bifurcation – Poari (11kms, 20 mins) – Jangi – Spello – Puh – Khab Sangam – Leo Village Road – Nako.


Kinner Camps Nako: This is a nature camp providing tented accomodation with attached baths. Tents have small sit-outs from where guests can enjoy views of the surrounding ranges. The camp provides dining facilities. The Nako Lake is a short walk straight down the slope from the camp area.

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