[metaslider id=2268]Chitkul is the last village in the Baspa Valley along the Indo-China Border in Kinnaur. It is located at an altitude of 3450 m. The Baspa River flows along one side of the village. The village is a cluster of colourful houses in green, blue and red and also has 3 temples. Mathi Devi Temple is the oldest out of these and is said to have been built 500 years back, It is dedicated to Goddess ‘Mathi Devi’, greatly revered by the locals as the protector of the village bringing it prosperity. An annual festival is celebrated each year in honour of the Goddess amongst great festivities. It’s an incredible fact that Chitkul falls right on the route which once was the famous ‘Silk Route’ used by traders travelling to India from China and Tibet.

Chitkul Trek 29 WM
Chitkul Village
Chitkul Trek 36 WM
Chitkul Village

Chitkul-Nagasthi Trek: A short, easy and enthralling trek from Chitkul to Nagasthi along a marked straight pathway is an incredible experience. A walk along these velvet moors through colourful bushes with views of glorious melting glaciers is a traveler’s paradise. After an hour’s walk you reach the last ITBP outpost at Nagasthi entry beyond which is prohibited. This is the last check post before the Tibetan border hence civilians are not allowed beyond this point. There is a helipad at the outpost. The entire route is adorned with spectacular scenery with the Baspa flowing on the right, lofty snow-clad peaks all around, beautiful wild blooms laying a carpet of colours, melting glaciers and lush green meadows. The entire Baspa valley is a photographer’s delight. There are no eating options or tea stalls in this route, so one must carry adequate water and eatables. There is a lovely sparking rivulet flowing near the ITBP outpost and one can spend some time in the mesmerizing environment here.

Chitkul Trek 1 WM
Chitkul – Nagasthi Trek
Chitkul Trek 11 WM
Nagasthi Border Check Post


Sangla – Chitkul: 22 kms, 1 hour

Rakcham – Chitkul: 9 kms, 25 mins.

Kalpa – Chitkul: 71 kms, 3.5 hours

Karcham – Chitkul: 41 kms, 1 hour 40 mins.

Sarahan – Chitkul: 111 kms, 4 hours

Shimla – Chitkul: 240 kms, 7 hours

Accomodation in Chitkul

PWD Rest House

Hotel Panchali Resort & Restaurant

Alpine Guest House


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