Sun melon Caprioska

Sun-melon Caprioska is a highly refreshing vodka cocktail infused with mint, lime juice, vodka and flavored with the delicious sun-melon fruit.

Watch the video below for a detailed step by step procedure for making Sun-melon Caprioska.


  • Sun-melon – ½ (blend & extract juice)
  • Mint Leaves – 10
  • Brown Sugar – 1 Tbsp.
  • Juice of 1 Lime
  • Vodka – 180 ml
  • Soda – 300 ml

Method of Preparation

  • Cut the sun-melon into big chunks, remove skin and De-seed.





  • Blend it in a juicer blender.





  • Strain the blended sun-melon pulp into a beaker using a sieve.





  • Muddle the mint leaves, brown sugar & lemon juice.





  • Add ice cubes to a jug, mint mix, vodka, soda, sun-melon juice.










  • Stir & pour into glasses. Cheers!





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