Climate in Kullu

Climate in Kullu

Weather is the mountains, especially when we are referring to the mighty Himalayan ranges, can be extremely varying and unpredictable. Being located at an altitude of 4193 feet, Kullu valley is known for its extreme winters and pleasant summers. City dwellers head to Kullu Valley to escape the extreme summer heat. The valley does not experience a great deal of rain during the short monsoon period but there is a good deal rainfall in the winter months as well.

Best time to visit Kullu: April to June (summer) and September-October (autumn).


  • Winter: November to March. Temperatures are extremely low, ranging between 1°C to 12°C with heavy frost and some snowfall in December-January. Heavy woolens and blankets are required.
  • Spring: March-April. Climate is pleasant but can get cold occasionally and light woolens are required.
  • Summer: May to July. Temperatures range from 25°C to 38°C. It is warm in summer and light cottons are recommended. However, if you plan to visit Rohtang or high altitude areas, then heavy woolens are essential. One must be prepared with light woollens in summer as well as rainfall could lower the temperatures instantly.
  • Monsoon: July to mid September. Kullu Valley receives around 15 cm of rain in these months. Annual rainfall is about 40 centimetres, a good part of which occurs during the winter months between December to March. When it rains, the chill sets in quickly due to the proximity of the snow covered peaks.
  • Autumn: September to November. Climate is pleasant with clear skies and bright sunny days.

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