Beaches in Maharashtra

Beaches in Maharashtra

Nagaon (1)_600
Kashid Beach

The Maharashtra coastline is blessed with a horde of pristine, sandy and popular beaches that one could visit around the year. It could get extremely hot and humid during the day in the coastal belt but evenings are breezy and pleasant. Visitors brave the heat and throng to these areas during summer for the lovely mangoes that the coast produces in abundance.

During monsoon, the Arabian Sea gets extremely turbulent with strong treacherous waves and current. Hence entering the water at most of the beaches is prohibited during the rainy season.

November to March is the ideal time to visit the beaches in Maharashtra.

Most of the beaches have small village settlements where one can easily find food and accommodation. Though many hotels have sprung up to accommodate tourists, the best way to experience the Konkan region is to stay at one of the local homestays and indulge in the freshly cooked local cuisines.


Beaches along this vast coastline are listed below from in order from North to South Maharashtra:

  • Kihim Beach – Located at a distance of 96 kms from Mumbai and 141 kms from Pune. It lies at a distance of 12 kms from Alibaug on the Mandwa-Alibaug road. Launches and catamarans operate from Mumbai to Mandwa. If coming from the Alibaug side, take a left at Chondi. Kihim has clean virgin beaches – a favourite with travelers from Mumbai and Pune as a weekend getaway.

->  Route from Mumbai to Kihim (96 kms. via NH66, 3 Hrs.): Vashi – Kalamboli – Panvel – Kudave – Pen – Vadkhal Naka – Poynad – Kihim

->  Route from Pune to Kihim (141 kms. via Mumbai Expressway, 3.5 Hrs.): Pune-Mumbai expressway-Take a U turn at Khalapur Toll – Pen-Khopoli Road – (turn left into NH66) – Alibaug-Pen Road – Karlekhind (turn right) – Alibaug-Rewas Road – turn left into Kihim-Chondi Road – Reach Kihim.


  • Alibaug Beach – Located at a distance of 95 kms from Mumbai and 140 kms from Pune. There is also a ferry service from the Gateway of India to Mandwa (runs between 6.30 am-5.30pm) which takes 1 hour. Return ferry to Gateway of India runs from 7:30 am – 6:45 pm. Bus ride from Mandwa to Alibaug takes 30 minutes. Alibaug beach gets quite crowded during weekends but one can enjoy a nice sunset with the Kulaba Fort as a backdrop.

Route from Mumbai to Alibaug (95 kms, 3 hrs.): Vashi – Kalamboli (turn right into NH66) – Panvel – Kudave – Pen – Vadkhal Naka – Poynad – Alibaug

Route from Pune to Alibaug (140 kms, 3.5 hrs.): Pune-Mumbai expressway-Take a U turn at Khalapur Toll – Pen – Vadkhal Naka – Poynad – Alibaug.


  • Akshi Beach – Located at a distance of 96 kms from Mumbai and 142 kms from Pune. It is a pristine White sandy beach dotted with Suru trees along its coastline.


  • Nagaon (3)_600
    Nagaon Beach

    Nagaon Beach – Located at a distance of 101 kms from Mumbai, 146 kms from Pune and 10 kms from Alibaug. Take same route as Alibaug and proceed further on Alibaug-Revdanda Road to Nagaon beach. The beach and water are clean. Its a long stretch of white sandy beach. You can go on a boat ride to spot Dolphins. Water sports activities like water scooter are also available.


  • Revdanda Beach – Located at a distance of 109 kms from Mumbai, 154 kms from Pune and 17 kms. From Alibaug. The Revdanda Bridge offers a great view of the bustling Revdanda Port and the beach.


  • Korlai Beach – Located at a distance of 97 kms (3 hrs.) from Mumbai and 146 kms (3.5hrs.)from Pune.


  • Kashid Beach – Located at a distance of 121 kms from Mumbai and 169 kms from Pune. This is one of the best sandy stretches between Alibaug and Murud. The beach is clean and beautiful but the waters are a little deep, so enter the sea with precaution.


  • Murud_600Murud and Janjira – Located at a distance of 141 kms from Mumbai (via NH 66) and 179 kms from Pune (via Mumbai Expressway). The beach is wide and clean and the water is not too deep making it safe for swimming. It is a popular beach with shops, hotels and restaurants lining the road alongside. The beach comes alive in the evenings with a crowd of people, hawkers, horse-carts etc.

Go for a boat ride to Suvarnadurg Fort or for seeing Dolphins. Janjira Fort can be reached from the Janjira Jetty via a ride in one of the large fishing boats that ply to the sea fort during low tide.

Many basic hotels and guest houses have come up in Murud in the last few years and one can easily find accommodation in this coastal village. There are numerous small restaurants and homestays that serve authentic local cuisine on prior order.

The beach tends to get extremely crowded during weekends.Whether you choose to enjoy a horse-cart ride, take a walk along the sandy beach or simply sit watching the rolling waves, Murud transports you to a different era altogether.


  • Diveagar_600
    Diveagar Beach

    Diveagar Beach – Located at a distance of 180 kms from Mumbai (via NH66) and 160 kms from Pune (takes 4.5 Hrs. Via SH 97 – Tamhini Ghat Rd). It is the best beach on the Malvan coast with a 5 km long shoreline.

Diveagar beach is a delight and one of my favourite ones along Maharashtra’s coast owing to its unending wide sandy stretches, lovely waves, crystal clear waters and cleanliness on the beach stretch.

Even if the beach seems crowded, its more towards the entrance to the beach. Travellers looking for some peace and quite can pick out their own secluded spot to relax on and enjoy the beautiful rolling waves in complete tranquility.


  • Srivardhan Beach – Located at a distance of 190 kms from Mumbai (via Khopoli-Pali Rd) and 160 kms (takes 4.5 Hrs. Via SH 97 – Tamhini Ghat Rd) from Pune.


  • Harihareshwar Beach – Located at a distance of 200 kms from Mumbai (takes 4.5 hrs. via Khopoli-Pali Rd) and 171 kms from Pune (takes 4.5 Hrs. Via SH 97 – Tamhini Ghat Rd). Harihareshwar or Dakshin Kashi has a beautiful rocky beach on one side and a clean sandy beach on the other. It is well known pilgrim destination. An ancient Shiva Temple and a Kalbhairav Temple are situated on the beach.


    • Nagaon (2)_700
      Dapoli Beach

    Dapoli and Harnai Beach – Located at a distance of 225 kms from Mumbai (via NH 66) and 200 kms from Pune (via SH97 & SH102, 5 Hrs). Dapoli is a nice and huge stretch of sandy beach and the landscape is very scenic all around. It is surrounded by hills & forests with varied flora & fauna. Dapoli is dotted with Mango orchards and Betel-nut, Cashewnut & Coconut plantations.

Harnai is a busy big port with crowded with fishing boats and trawlers every morning bringing fresh catch from the sea. It is interesting to see the fish trade at the local fish market every morning.

Pune – Dapoli Route options:

  • Route1 (Via Bhor Ghat, 185 km):
    • Pune (Via Bangalore Expressway) – Khed Shivapur – Bhor Phata (Turn right) – Varandha Ghat – Latwan – Dapoli.
  • Route2 (Via Tamhini Ghat-SH97, 200 km):
    • Pune – Chandni Chowk – Paud – Mulshi – Dongarwadi -Tamhini Ghat – Vile (Turn Left) – Nizampur – Mangaon (NH17) – Lonere Phata (Turn right) – Goregaon (Turn left) – Purar – Ambet – Shenale – Dapoli.
  • Route3 (Via Mahabaleshwar, 235 km):
    • Pune (Via Bangalore Expressway) – Shirur (Turn right) – Wai – Panchgani – Mahabaleshwar – Poladpur (NH17, turn left)- Bharna Naka(turn right) – Khed – Wakawali – Dapoli.

I personally prefer driving via the scenic Tamhini Ghat route for a day-time drive but avoid this route after nightfall as it could get deserted and unsafe in the ghats.


  • Guhaghar (3)_600Guhaghar Beach – This spectacular Beach is located at a distance of 281 kms from Mumbai (via NH66) and 279 kms from Pune (via NH4 & Karad-Chiplun Rd and Chiplun-Patan Rd). Guhaghar is a coastal paradise with numerous sightseeing options. It has a beautiful sandy beach, cashewnut plantations and scores of temples.

Places To visit in Guhaghar:

  • Guhaghar Beach: Guhaghar has a wide clean beach popular for sunsets. Small shacks on the beach sell coconut water and snacks.
  • Vyadeshwar (Shiva temple): Visit this ancient Shiva temple located at the pathway leading to Guhaghar Beach.
  • Dashabhuja Ganesh Temple: This famous Ganapati temple is located at Hedvi which is about 22 kms from Guhaghar. The temple is carved in white stone.
  • Cashewnut Plantations: Visit farms in Guhaghar like ”Pooja Farms” and see the mango orchards, cashew nut plantations and watermelon fields. These farms also serve delicious local cuisines made in coconut based curries, but remember to place your order at least 2 hours in advance.
  • Baman Ghal_700Bahman Ghal: Visit this unique natural phenomenon near the famous Hedvi Ganapati Temple. One has to walk over some rocks to a natural gorge. Here the sea water gushes through a 20 feet deep gorge, splashes on the walls of the gorge and rises up with a roar, 20-30ft high into the air, before breaking on the rocks.  It is indeed a great experience to watch the powerful waves rolling into the tunnel like opening, splashing out through the gorge and spraying all those perched on the ledges amidst squeals of laughter and excitement. There is also a small temple on the rocks and a small rocky beach.
  • Hedvi Beach: A small and secluded rocky beach at Hedvi near near Hedvi Ganesh temple and Bahman Ghal Rocks.


How to Reach Guhaghar Beach:

# Guhaghar is 40 kms. from Chiplun.


Baman Ghal2_700
Hedvi Beach

# Route from Pune (6 Hours Drive) : Pune-Satara-Umbraj-Patan-Chiplun-Guhaghar.

# Route from Mumbai: Mumbai- take NH14- Panvel-Roha-Mahad-Khed-Chiplun-Guhaghar

# Route from Kolhapur: Chandoli-Amba Ghat-Pali-Hathkumbe-Nivli Phata-Chiplun-Guhaghar

# Nearest railway station is at Chiplun.

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Guhaghar Beach Details (click here)


  • Velneshwar Beach – Located at a distance of 289 kms from Mumbai (via NH66); 287 kms from Pune and 16 kms. From Guhaghar. It is a beautiful beach and one can visit the Ancient Shankar Temple there.


  • Ganpatipule Beach – Located at a distance of 320 kms from Mumbai (via NH66); and 317 kms from Pune (via NH4). Ganpatipule, one of the most picturesque beaches on the Konkan coast is a popular weekend destination and famous for the ‘Swayambhu Ganpati temple’. The beautiful sandy beach at Ganpatipule stretches for 12 kms. The sea can be treacherous here so one should enter the sea with great precautions. The MTDC has a nice resort on a hillock overlooking the beach.


  • Devbag Beach – Located at a distance of 480 kms from Mumbai (via NH66) and 400 kms from Pune (via NH4).


  • Tarkarli (2)_600Tarkarli Beach

Tarkarli is easily one of the best white sandy beaches on the Konkan coast –absolutely stunning with crystal clear waters, beautiful rolling waves and sands that feel like talcum powder under your feet!

Tarkarli is situated at the mouth of the Karli River.

MTDC has a beachside property with Konkani cottages and the most amazing views.

Tarkarli Beach is located at a distance of 478 kms from Mumbai (via NH66, 12 hrs), 394 kms from Pune (via NH4, 8 hrs.)and 7 kms. From Malvan.

The recommended driving routes are:

Mumbai-Tarkarli Route: Take the Mumbai-Pune Expressway till Kolhapur. From Kolhapur, there are 2 route options to Tarkarli:

Tarkarli (1)_600Route1 via NH4 (538 km, Toll-approx. Rs 300, 11 hrs): Mumbai – Pune (via Expressway) – Katraj Bypass – Satara – Karad – Kolhapur – Gaganbawda – Vaibhavwadi (Keep right) – Talere Naka (Turn left) – Kankavali – Kasal (NH17) – Chauke(Turn left) – Tarkarli.

Route2 via NH4(620 km, Toll-approx.Rs 300, 12 hrs): Mumbai – Pune (via Expressway) – Katraj Bypass – Satara – Karad – Kolhapur – (SH-204) Panhala – Malkapur – Pali (Take Left NH17) – Lanja – Rajapur – Talere – Kankavli – Kasal – Chauke(Turn left) – Tarkarli (Kasal to Tarkarli is 36 kms.)

Route 3 via NH66 (478 kms, 12 hrs)


  • Vengurla Beach – Located at a distance of 550 kms from Mumbai and 400 kms from Pune.


Baga Beach15 WMIf you continue to travel further down the coast, you reach the globally renowned beach-side holiday destination – Goa.

Discover all about travel to Goa, its beaches, nightlife, street markets, restaurants and much more here.

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