A Big Hello from Priya Manore!

Tripworm Priya Manore
Tripworm Priya Manore

My life until now has been a chapter straight out of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ as I relentlessly wander in my wonderland, looking for adventures, the unknown, secret destinations…with thousands of miles clocked on the speedometer. Born a travel addict, my unending journeys and quest for the unexplored have taken me to destinations across the length and breadth of the country and also overseas. As my search continues, I realize I have a treasure chest of travel information, data, personal experiences, travel notes, directions to unspoilt hidden locations, hordes of anecdotes, tips on eating joints, feedback on routes and road conditions, do’s and don’ts etc. that can benefit thousands of other wandering souls like me. This is my attempt to share my travel experiences to popular and offbeat destinations as my journey continues.  

Capricorns are said to be mountain goats and true to my sun sign, my destiny miraculously spurred me towards the exotic slopes of the Himalayas and set me up at Raison, near Manali. Being based in the vicinity of all major travel destinations in north India gives me the perfect platform to have hands on and real time information on many travel details enabling me to provide regular updates on the local conditions.

Priya_700With an MBA in International Business from the reputed Symbiosis Institute of International Business, I, as most of my counterparts, set out to establish a glorious career in the corporate world. A disciplined work culture and 10+ years of professional experience got me many laurels and escalations in both position and pay. Though I acquired multifaceted skills in various areas of Business Research & Analytics; Project Management & Business Expansion, I slowly realised that the highlight of my life was not the weekdays spent in corporate clutter but the weekends and holidays, both scheduled and availed, when I could escape and take off to my wonderlands, a free soul with the tar roads zipping away below providing the much needed wind beneath my wings.

My family soon realised this need to be constantly on the move was not just a fetish but my way of life. My mother would always say ”You are born with a set of wheels”! They started supporting me in every way little way possible, right from accompanying me and surviving my offbeat adventure trips – some a delight, some a disaster, to patiently holding fort while I was away, yet again!

So all of you out there born with a thirst for travel or looking for a quick reboot, come join me, as I venture out again and let’s together experience our next wonderland.

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